Hyland Bay offers a wide array of real estate training with a focus on NEW HOME SALES training.
The foundation of all of our classes and workshops is based in our 3 day workshop of NEW HOMES SALES UNLIMITED.  TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THAT WORKSHOP Go to

Pro Series Courses

These courses are designed for existing sales teams and managers to enhance, refresh and focus sales teams at every level.


A 2 day event focused on smoothing out the rough road of transition between Sales and Sales Management. Jam packed with ideas for creative Sales Meetings, Sales Recruiting, Retaining Top Producers, Sales Contests that work and Interviewing techniques that help identify talent. This workshop is based on getting results and avoiding pitfalls. Salespeople hate to be managed, but they all want to be lead. This workshop will build that foundation of leadership. Now you job is working through people not for people. A Manager is only as good as their team, this workshop will show you how to recruit, train, build and retain a Great Team.


Staying on Track refreshes selling techniques and enhances overall performance. Items discussed include prospecting, breaking conversation barriers, building relationships, the discovery process and advanced closing skills.This course should be an annual visit to refocus and sharpen your teams sales skills. HYLAND BAY has the flexibility within this workshop to tailor the materials to the specific challenges your sales associates face.


In order to become a great closer, you must first gain an understanding of the entire sales process. This workshop touches on the key issues in the sales process. During the discovery portion of the interview process you will lay the ground work for effectively asking the right questions to lead into asking for the sale. There are 9 separate workshop objectives to be covered during this one day workshop. You will walk away with the knowledge and sales techniques to become a confident closer. Knowledge builds confidence and Confidence sells!


The goal for this workshop is to develop a flawless sale to close experience for both the buyer and the builder. This will create an exceptional buying experience. The workshop is hands on and includes a lot of group interaction. The key departments (sales, construction, design center, mortgage lending and title company) come together to improve their interactions, increase communication within departments and have a complete understanding of all related elements in the process. By building mutual respect through knowledge and communication they will see how each role plays in your operation. The end result will be an enhanced builder image, meeting and exceeding the buyer’s expectations and best of all, being part of a WINNING TEAM.


During this workshop we focus on personality as well as required aspects of New Home Sales. The cost of generating new business versus the effort the salesperson is adding will either be successful or fall short of the goal. We stress the importance of Impression and conclusions the prospect may feel. Ways of building rapport, the Discovery Process and projecting the impression of energy and urgency are all key points covered. Using involvement questions and setting of a great close are all important and could be lost if we do not lay the ground work of interest and value. You cannot ask the hard questions if you are not getting off on the right foot. A strong reminder that Sales is the revenue generator for every company