A reputable developer hired HYLAND BAY to do a study of his developments sales rate versus those of the competition. HYLAND BAY combined a market study with an existing analysis of the sales team and marketing program into one full evaluation. The determination was that the developer was falling behind in a rate of closed deals to his competition. Further analysis showed a lack of follow up and a lack of alternatives/upgrades available to recent buyers within the 5-mile vicinity.

HYLAND BAY worked with the developers existing sales team to create a thorough follow up system that didn’t let any potential buyers fall through the cracks. This program of new buyer incentives led to the return of buyers, who then upgraded other areas of the home and the developer not only increased sales, but increased his average selling price and gross profit.

The challenge for most developers is knowing the particulars of the market and how much to give a new buyer in relation to the competition. HYLAND BAY, produced this information for the developer, delivered a set of recommendations and was instrumental in training the staff on the new procedures.THE